CBIL Capital wants to be the preferred choice of investor

About Us

Promoted by Citizens Bank International, Citizens Investment Trust & reputed business personnel of the country, CBIL Capital is an Merchant Bank licensed by Securities Board Of Nepal to be committed in investment and merchant banking applications. Along with the objectives of providing services pertaining to latest innovations in the financial world, company intends to raise the bars in the industry by incorporating the best practices and technology. Apart from pondering the needs of our valued customers, we intend to fulfill their objectives with our diligent and experienced team of experts.

Among the major services rendered are public offering, securities underwriting, portfolio management, advisory services, mutual funds, loan syndication, buy outs and likewise. With the authorized and issued capital of Rs 100 millions, the company has a very strong financial health to execute its business functions. Enhanced by the some of the most prominent entities and personnel, there will be unparalleled business advantage for the company among its peers with the potency and competence. We at CBIL Capital believe, we can lead the industry with our ideals.




"Diversity may be the hardest thing to live with, and perhaps the most dangerous thing for a society to be without." William Sloane Coffin Jr.

At CBIL Capital we know that it is through our diversity in disparate facets of our teams and members that we can achieve our dreams. As a matter of fact, we welcome individuals from contrasting domains which makes even more capable to better serve the needs of our clients while we help our employees achieve their personal objectives. With the corporate culture open and inclusive, we brick the aisle for excellence eternally and perpetually.