Individual Approach

CBIL Capital approach revolves around one concept. We seek to deliver high performance over the medium to long term without exposing investors to unnecessary risk.

We believe people are the key to success and are committed to attracting and retaining some of the most talented fund managers in the business by creating the right culture for them to operate in. To help achieve this, we abide by the following basic set of principles.

Freedom to Fund Managers to Outperform

We believe our team of managers perform best if they are given the freedom to invest as they see fit, within their funds’ objectives. We maintain small and focused teams, allowing for short internal lines of communication. This approach gives them the necessary flexibility to make informed and timely investment decisions.

Genuine & Active Management

CBIL Capital fund managers are active rather than passive managers. Passive management involves holding investments that attempt to replicate the performance of an index like NEPSE. Active managers on the other hand are able to focus on investments that the fund manager believes offer the best potential returns. Most importantly, unlike passive strategies, active managers can also avoid holding investments where they believe future returns will be less attractive.

For active management to have the potential to deliver significant returns over the medium to long term where we believe that fund managers must have strong conviction in their best investment ideas. We meet and assess the management of the companies we invest in our regular interactions. It is one of the most important elements of our research. Our fund managers meet several company executives throughout to assess the quality of their business strategies and their overall management teams.

Emphasis on Fund Manager Accountability

While our fund managers work together closely, sharing stock ideas and debating market prospects, each manager has individual responsibility for his or her own portfolios. Many of our fund managers have substantial experience in investments while managing several funds, so their interests are dedicated for the betterment of the investors.